Privacy Policy

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This blog, “BestHealthAnswer” is an informational tool for you to use at your own free will. We do not charge you for accessing any of our information. Neither do we ask for the contributions or donations to run the blog. We, therefore, would like you to be aware of these policies that govern the use of our blog.

1. Your Personal Information:

By using the blog and any of the services related to the same, you consent that you may provide us with some of your personal information. The information we may collect from you includes your name and email address. These, however, can also be fake information!

When you comment on any of our blog posts, you may want to use a name. You may also use your social media profiles (you do not have to set up an account with us) to comment. The contact form also collect some of the information you provide us so that we can get back to you. It is essential that you use your real information when contacting us.

We do not use any of your contact details against the law or without your consent. We never rent, sell, or spam your email. All your data is treated with utmost respect.

2. Data Transmission:

Our blog is secured with an SSL certificate that makes the connection from your computer to the blog private. With an SSL connection, hackers find it hard to read and manipulate the information you enter on our blog. You can, therefore, comment freely without any fear.

However, you need to know that the privacy of the data you transfer between your computer and our blog is controlled by your ISP. In no case can we be liable for any data leakage, or compromise. Since we do not offer any eCommerce services on our blog, you should limit the information you share when you are on our blog.

3. Cookie Policy:

The EU law requires that we inform all websites users about how we use cookies when you use our blog. Kindly note that we will be storing cookies (temporary data) on your computer when you visit this blog. The cookies help to identify you when you are using our blog.

No personally identifiable information is collected by the cookies. We only use them to enhance your experience on our blog and help us build an easy-to-use blog. We use Google Analytics to monitor your activities on our blog, including the pages you visit and how long you stay on the page. However, we cannot identify who specifically was on our site. The data is collective and anonymous.

You are at liberty to allow us to use cookies for an enhanced experience on our blog. You might also opt not to allow us to use cookies on your computer. To revoke the cookie access on your computer, kindly change your browser settings to block cookies.

4. External Links:

This blog may contain links to other websites and applications. We would like you to be aware that we neither own nor control the content of the blogs/websites/apps you may visit. You need to read and understand their respective policies to continue using their services.

About the Policy:

We would like you to know that the policy represents the general information about privacy policy use. We may at times change the information as we may deem necessary. It is, therefore, important that you review the policies every time you visit our blog.