Best 5 Foods that Improve a Woman’s Fertility

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Infertility is now a standard trend that is affecting many people and families. It is quite unfortunate that some people find themselves in this kind of situation without cause. When this issue strikes in, many look into modern medicine advances for help. They dismiss claims that foods can affect a woman’s fertility as mere myth.

However, studies have shown that including certain foods in your diet can boost your fertility. Here are five recommended foods that can improve a woman’s fertility.

1. Plant Protein:

In many families, protein takes the largest proportion in our diet. It is easy to obtain and faster to cook. However, plant protein is superior in many ways when compared to animal protein. Studies have shown that women who consume plant protein as part of their diet are less likely to develop fertility problems.

Increase your plant protein by consuming foods such as nuts, lentils, beans, peas, and almonds. These foods will boost your fertility. Beans, in particular, are an excellent source of iron. They also provide the body with vitamins and fiber. All these nutrients are necessary for ovulation and they promote fertility.

Plant-based proteins are also low fat, so they help maintain weight. Adding on too much weight can contribute to infertility.

2. Vegetables and Fruits:

Many people dislike fruits. They forget that fruits and vegetables contain both vitamin B and C known to help both men and women due to the antioxidant properties. In men, it is known to improve the quality of the sperm, and in women, it is known to enhance ovulation.

Vegetable and Fruits help prevent birth defects by providing both the mother and the baby with the necessary nutrients and minerals.

These fruits and vegetables include broccoli, carrots, watermelon, grapefruit, citrus fruits, kale, and spinach. Consume fruits daily as part of your diet.

3. Pumpkin Seeds:

Women who regularly consume pumpkin seeds have fewer chances of developing fertility issues. They contain a high quantity of Zinc which helps in improving the fertility in women. Zinc helps in preventing miscarriages, facilitate hormonal balance, and the development of the ova. Roast these in your oven and snack on a small handful every day.

4. Unsaturated Vegetable Fats:

You should first realize that not all fats are bad for consumption. Unsaturated fats (those that are liquid at room temperature) can benefit your health and promote women’s fertility. The saturated fat can reduce your chances of getting pregnant and clog your arteries.

Beneficial oils include olive oil which helps in ovulation and conception. Use it in salads or when cooking. Cold-water fish is another good source of this fat. It has omega-3 fatty acids which help regulate hormones thus boosting fertility.

Avoid processed foods and deep-fried foods like snacks. The oils in these foods can affect the body’s ovulation pattern.

5. Full-Fat Dairy:

Forget the theories about the advantages of low-fat dairy above the full-fat dairy products. Studies have shown that women consuming low-fat dairy have a higher risk of infertility. Full-fat dairy carries female hormones, which promote ovulation.

What is Your Concern About Woman’s Fertility?

Are you worried about the inability to get pregnant? Diet can contribute to your fertility. The foods above will help you improve the woman’s fertility and the ability to carry a fetus. Ensure that you incorporate these foods as part of your diet.

If you have anything to contribute to women’s fertility, pregnancy, or ovulation, you can leave your comment below. You can also ask a question and we will be glad to help you. Remember to like our Facebook page for the latest health-related updates.

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